which nut for my tele vintage modern

After looking at the mighty mights and the allparts, I decided to get a warmoth neck for my telecaster build and finish it myself.  I opted NOT to have them install a nut as I figured I could get my local luthier to do it.  Now, which nut should I get?  I've looked at the Earvana and read great things about them, but there is also the graphtech too.  Any comments on the earvana nut?  It looks like I need the flat base if I go the earvana route.
I've got the Earvana nut on a build, and love it. To my ear, it makes such a HUGE difference. I just asked for no nut prep, nothing special. They make an Earvana nut to fit any radius (there's a "vintage" and a "modern" option). Definitely worth trying it out.
I like my earvana. I think it makes a moderate, noticable-if-you're-listening-close difference in open chords. It greatly depends on your ear, and mine is average. On my non-earvana guitars, a perfectly intonated G string is about 6 or 8 cents sharp at the first fret, but with the earvana, it's only about 1 or 2 cents sharp. If you think open E chords and F chords sound just fine with the guitar normally intonated (to the octave), then you don't need the earvana.  But if you think the F chord sounds 'off' after playing a G or C, earvana will make a big difference. You can install it at home with superglue and sandpaper, if you're careful and patient. But unlike a normal nut, if you get it wrong you're out $30! To get it the right height, sand the underside of the top piece and not the string notches as you normally would.
The graphite nuts that warmoth instal for 30bucks are great. I've had them on a dozen different necks so far and they'll do me for the next dozen......no problemo!!
Yeh I wonder about the earvana nut, it's supposed to compensate at the nut end the same as compensating at the bridge for intonation.

But if your lucky enough to be able to set your action real low, how much adjustment is needed to intonate? ie the lower the action the less out of alignment will be the saddles,  

I'd like an adjustable earvana style nut- all that said i'd like to try the ones on the market now
Alfang, just check yourself if you have a good tuner.  Get your intonation perfect at nut / 12th fret, then check the intonation at the 1st, 2nd, 3rd fret - it's probably less if you have super low action, but it's not nothing.  G string is the worst offender. You can intonate your guitar to have all the notes of a chord perfectly in tune, if you want to hear the difference. Of course, then everything else you play will not be intonated right. The Earvana definitely works as advertised, the question is how much does it matter to you and your groupies? I think there are some schecters or something which have Earvanas stock.
I think I was unclear in what I was trying to say, earvana is making a best guess on how much to compesate at the nut.

I understand the theory and what it does, I never said there was no intonation problems with low action. i just meant to say that the amount of compensation is gonna be less with a lower action than a high action,  this is why I would like to see an adjustable compensating nut

Afterall, if your going for perfection, might as well be perfect
Gotcha. I think earvana is the only current product which doesn't require you to ruin your guitar to try one out, that's another huge plus. I ordered my second neck with a simple graphtech nut, but I'll probably swap that out eventually with another earvana.  Just didn't want to mess with another one on top of the mess that's going to be putting in that piezo thing again.