Which Neck profile for Hendrix thumb over style?


Generally I prefer a medium/full profile neck - and I don't like skinny necks, but I want to get a neck where it is easy to play Hendrix style with the thumb over - especially in the higher positions 8-12.

Is the Clapton profile my best bet? I have medium/large sized hands - if that means anything at all! TIA

Will be getting 1.65" nut. I have tried some Fender 60s custom shop necks that I liked, but they can vary a lot guitar to guitar. I had a 2015 mystic sunburst Strat that had a great neck too.
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Man....it depends on so many things; mostly the size of your hand/thumb what you find comfortable. Normally I would recommend a narrow nut width with a fatter profile, but two things keep me from doing that: 1) you already say you are decided on a 1.650" nut width, and 2) you specifically call out positions 8-12, which are high enough on the neck that the nut width will have less effect anyway.

Based on all that, I'd say the 59 Roundback or SRV might be good places to start. They are bigger than the Standard Thin (our most popular profile) but not as big as the mondo stuff like Boatneck and Fatback. I personally would opt for the SRV. IMO the 59 Roundback is too big in both the shoulders for comfy thumb-over playing.....but that's just me. Some big-handed freak might like it. ;)

The other thing I would recommend is trying a V neck profile on some other guitar before going for the Clapton. Necks with a V profile are typically a love-it-or-hate-it kind of thing.

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I just tried my '59 Roundback and my Fatback, both with 1-3/4" nuts, and they're equally easy to do thumb-over. I'm a big-handed freak though. Well, I wear X-Large or XX Large gloves, anyway. I actually find the fatter necks are easier for me, because with thinner necks I have to space my hand away from the back of the neck to get in the right position on the fretboard.

Maybe you could take an old neck and do something like tape cardboard to the back to get the dimensions similar to one of the Warmoth profiles, and see what you prefer. After all, telling you what works for us really doesn't give you much helpful information.
I currently have modded Fatbacks, Boatnecks, and 59's I would say the 59. They are all 43mm nuts.
I envy any of you who can play with your thumb over the top of the neck. My thumbs are so short I'm practically not even a primate.

Entirely dependant on the size of your hands and length of yer fingers.
I can do it on an R7 Les Paul, so I could on all of the Warmouth profiles.
Great name by the way. You must be from the North of England?
Thanks all for your responses. Think I will get the SRV in either the 1.65" or the 1 5/8ths! Need to get myself to a store and try some squiers!
I’ve got to say, my latest 1-11/16” Fatback is awfully comfortable to play thumb-over! I never thought I’d like a neck that fat but it’s pretty awesome.

If that’s a bridge too far, the 59 and SRV are smaller, but more conducive as well.
I have a 59, fatback, and boatneck.
The 1st two have 1 11/16" nuts the boat has a 1.65.

I also have not too big hands for my size (6-3 and I just miss panning a basketball)

I can thumb-over easily on the 59 and the boat. The fatback is possible, but I have less range of movement.

I agree with @aarontunes regarding the ease of this with fatter necks compared to skinny ones.

I can hit the d and g strings with my thumb on a wizard profile, lol.

In practice, I never play notes thumb over. But, I can Barre chord on a 20" radius! I've even figured out how to Barre and leave some middle strings open.

being in the construction industry, I always found it interesting how guys use their tools. Everyone is different.
Same with guitars.