Which neck contour?


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Been trying out lots of strats in my local guitar shop.  I love the feel of a '56 closet classic, big neck but feels great to me.

Which warmoth contour is closest to this profile?

Thank you very much mates
The archives are great, but for the length of your post (one sentence)  tfarny, you could have just answered the question. That would have been more polite IMHO. Unfortunately, I do NOT know the answer. I'm sure someone will chime right in.
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sundin4prez said:
i think a safe bet would be the fatback

oh no, that one is much fatter. I recommend the '59 profile. the standard thin is too thin (compared with the '56 closet neck!) and the fatback is too thick, so, the fatback is the one that comes as close as can be, with warmoth-profiles, that is.
Can only say... I've got a 52ri that is a little bigger than the "standard thin" Warmoth necks, got some thin Warmoths, got one boatneck, and have played two fatbacks... one is still here.  Got a 50's neck Lester, and a 60's neck Lester.  They just dont make a hill of beans difference to me.  I sort of like the fatback necks... but its not a deal breaker.  What DOES matter is the fret size.  I've sort of gone from Fender vintage size preference to the medium jumbo preference.

The soft V profile of the '56 is most like the Boatback contour Warmoth offers.  Get it with a 1-5/8" nut width and you should be golden
Like I said, Bill, it's a long subject! I don't know the answer either. Didn't mean to be rude.