Which hardware is required


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I'm ordering my L5 body and neck from Warmoth today, trying to be sure that I get everything I need in one order.

Can you guys tell me if I'm missing anything? This is my first project so I might be forgetting some of the stuff that's less visually apparant, perhaps for the wiring process. Do the neck screws come with the neck?

Here's what I'm getting:

-String ferrules
-Input jack

Thanks for any tips guys
You need capacitors and neck screws for sure.  Maybe pickup rings?  We need more info!
Can I buy the neck screws off of Warmoth? What are pickup rings?

since you need more info, here's the whole order:

Warmoth L5 Hollowbody neck
25 1/2'' Warmoth Pro
Warmoth peghead
Neck wood: maple
Fingerboard: rosewood
1-11/16'' nut width
Standard thin
Sperzel 25/64'' tuners (i have the tuners for this already)
ss6105 frets
rosewood peghead veneer
graphtec graphite nut installed
straight 12'' fingerboard radius
predrilled mounting holes
all clear satin finish

and the body:

L5S hollow (2 f holes)
body wood - maple
rosewood laminate top
flat top
recessed tune-o-matic string through (angled) (im buying the bridge and string ferrules)
rear rout (comes with back plate and screws apparantly)
pickup configuration - H-X-H (two seymour duncans + covers, do i need anything else for this?)
pot hole locations - option 2 (knobs, pots)
switch slot - option 2 toggle switch ( i guess i need this switch too?)
jack hole diameter - 7/8'' (input jack i'll be buying)
no contoured heel
clear gloss finish

How many pots and capacitors do I need for 2 volume knobs and 2 tone knobs? Also I need a neck plate correct? What type of switch is best for the option 2 switch slot on L5? is it 1/4''? Thanks!!
I've been through this process recently, so here are some of the less obvious parts you may have missed.....

Neck plate
Neck screws (yes, available from Warmoth)
Wiring kit
Shielding tape (to do the inside of the cavity)
Strat buttons
Pickup switch
Pickup switch tip
Capacitor (0.022uf for humbuckers)