where does Warmoth get thier paint?


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I have a refinish job I am currently working on, and I really like some of the colors that Warmoth offers.  Does anyone know who they get their paint from? 

This is an old Japanese Squire Strat, and I have no interest in getting all crazy with the vintage finish, so going with a poly finish is fine with me.  As a way to prompt my wife to let me undertake the project, I let my 5 year old pick the color, and he picked, and I quote, "the sparkley blue color".  If I could just buy a pint of the blue flake Warmoth uses, that would be ideal. 

My father used to do auto body repair, so he has all the spray equipment I would need to do a spray finish.  I just need to know what type/brand of paint I should use.  I looked at the reranch stuff, but they don't offer any color that is "sparkley blue" enough. 
Ya, I know they do thier own finishing.  What I want to know is where to they actually get the paint, or better yet, are they willing to sell me a pint of blue flake :)
Warmoth selling paint has been discussed here before - it ain't gonna happen anytime soon, if ever

which brands and stock numbers they use for their finishing supplies may always be a mystery, as most instrument finishers have their secret sauce that they closely guard - there was a lot of R&D investment expended to get to the materials they use today, and it doesn't make business sense to openly give that investment away to their competitors

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I went ahead and gave them a call and got the answer I was looking for.  Thanks for the input guys!