What Tuner do you use?

this is a pretty random question.

i just use the tuners on my line6 gear.
i have a crappy $15 tuner lying around just in case i need to tune an acoustic or something.
Turbo Tuner.

Accurate, responsive, easy to use and has a boat load of functions/options. I see they have a stomp box model now, as well.

Ever since I downsized from Racks & sold the Korg DT1 Pro, I've used the onboard tuner from my Johnson Millenium J250H, and now the one on the POD XT Live.

If you use the tuner on Gearbox displayed on the computer monitor, it's quite accurate, enough to set your intonation with, as I did with the VIP build recently.
Used to use the Boss TU-2, but then switched to one of these:


I have one of these in each guitar case (got them free in those 5 per pack strings).  They are Great!
Boss TU2 pedal.  Live on my pedal board and does everything I need it to do.

I'd like a Peterson though, just cos they're kinda cool.
Boss TU-8 for gigs(it's like a TU-12 but fewer features). Petersen VS-1 for at home and intonation.
I've got a Boss TU-80 tuner and metronome that I use to tune around the house or before a show.  I've got a Korg DTR 1000 that's rack mounted, I can mute and tune between songs.  This thing is so accurate, it makes setting up intonation a breeze.  The DTR 1000 is a step below the DTR 2000, which I don't know what it does, but the 1000 has been perfect for me.