What do I mix with a tint???


I'm working with a product called "TransTint".  I'm having trouble with the tint being absorbed into the wood. What would be good to mix with this so it absorbes better into the wood??  Right now I'm using  Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane  
The product bcan pretty much be mixed with anything...including water, but that doesn't work very well either.

Any suggestings?????  Color me frustrated!!!!
What kind of wood/what kind of a dye finish are you trying to do? Some types of wood absorb dyes much more readily than others. Lacquer thinner works fine, assuming that's a liquid dye concentrate, right?
the wood is 3 piece maple lap steel. The finish is a green tint. I'll try the laquer thinner and see what happens. That makes a bit more sense than the urethane.  Thanks!!