My new neck came today!  I was stunned when I opened the box - I couldn't ask for more.  My camera isn't working right now, I should have pics up later.  Thank you warmoth!

The Wenge is figured in some parts - it looks amazing
Oh ya, you think you like it now.....just wait 'til you hear it.....  :laughing7: 

All Hail Wenge!  :headbang:
excellent choice - can't wait to see it.  I'm stewing up a wenge-based choice as well - I just need ot decide what I'm going to do?
Pics Pleeze...........My New infactuation is with Wenge so pleeze feed my need and put up pics to drool over........... :toothy10:
Wow I checked the Warmoth site and I just love the looks! Can anyone comment on the influence on the sound of a Strat.. maple vs. wenge?
I heard they sound the same only different...... :laughing7:

just kidding, I guess Wenge brings out the Mids a lot more.....????...thats kinda been the point thats frequently made,"Howling Mids" to quote a description given by a respected Builder/Player/Warmoth manager.....hahahaahahahaha....I think the Feel and Look are also a Big attraction to those who buy it.....apparently a courser open grained like texture, no finish is needed and it is supposedly fast to play on, I don't own one (YET) but will down the road.....but those are some of the perks I always hear mentioned......when the subject of Wenge comes up.....

Maple of course is Brighter, harder and with a tighter grain or pore structure, and requires a finish if your going to guarantee its stability,  at least these are my understandings.........????
Mmmm I think that open grain structure with some lightning fast playing will at least give you blisters on your hands. I got that once from working with an axe (yah one with a blade on it :glasses9:) for 15 minutes or less  :-\

I guess I'll have to try a Wenge neck next; just got a canarywood/ebony neck, and after doing another previous couple with one piece rosewood necks, I'm getting more and more addicted to bare neck wood.
I have a Warwick Fortress One with a Wenge/Ebony neck.  It is a 5 string fretless with a birdseye maple body and a satin amber finish.  I have to say after playing my Fender for years, and trying pals basses out, I was a little bit nervous about the fretless.  The thing is, that neck it so easy to play.  The shape doesn't seem to be anything special, it it just easier to play on.  It took me about a day and I could play anything on the fretless I could play on the fretted Fender.  I never would have thought about the glossy finish on the Fender, but after comparing the two, the wenge is just flat out easier for me to play on.  I suppose words are failing me, but you don't stick to it, it is very comfy.  The best way I can describe this is it is like having the right tool for a job.  You wonder how you ever got by before it.  I am not sure how it will sound on a guitar, but I guess I will just have to try one and see.
Patrick from Davis