Warmoth Strat Fixed bridge (vinatge vs narrow)


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OK .....

I know that the narrow strat bridge has a tighrt string spread....

It appears that the vintage style string spread (2 1/4) may prove to be a little too much for my taste (OOPs - should have given more thought before I ordered and built, right????) :doh:

Anyway, according to their website it seems as though the base plate measurements are identical, excepts for the 6 holes for the strings.

My question is
Is it possible to use the same drilled holes that I have for the "vintage" if I order the narrow????

Will it work with out additional hole drilling??????????? Is it an easy conversion??? Or does anyone know if I could use another manufactures bridge (Carvin FT6)

Thanks - the vintage is OK - but the extra width is noticable to me..

Kalamari :icon_scratch: :help:


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You can use the narrow bridge if you are set up for the vintage bridge.  You have to make the string holes a little bigger.  Look at the top of the page where the narrow bridge is at and there is some text about it.

"To use this bridge on a vintage spec body, the string through body holes must be enlarged from 1/8" to 3/16" (4.7mm) to allow the strings easy access to the narrower saddle spacing."

The narrow bridge lines up with pole pieces of a humbucker or the angled strat pickup.  I just posted a picture of a gutiar using one of these narrow bridges.  Check out the My New Jazzmaster thread.


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I went back to their website and read that after posting..... but it's nice to get real world reply to you own situation.

Man, this oversight is costing me about 100 bucks........

I will be selling a Vintage bridge AND graphtech ferraglide saddles soon on ebay......
if anybody is interested in this bridge or saddles let me know - would be willing to capture about half the cost back.