warmoth shredding machine, no other comes close


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please leave me omments suggestions etc...!!! for my next one in a couple months!!!!

all warmoth

jackson pro style neck with angled headstock reverse headstock, 16 inch flat radius neck stainless steel frets, ebony fretboard on maple neck, corian nut

alder v2 body h x h  contoured heel
volume coil tapping, selector, tone

hardware is
locking tuners
dimarzio x2n bridge
duncan distortion neck
1 meg push pull (coil tap) volume
selector wired normal(double pole center) venter selection makes parralell wiring on both pickups, each other way is normal
500k tone with .022 cap
all shielded wiring and cavaties

and a kahler fixed bridge 3300 fine tuner with stainless steel saddles(3310)


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here is detailed images off photobucket

<img src=http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c143/confederatewk/downneck.jpg>

<img src=http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c143/confederatewk/upright.jpg>
confederatewk said:
here is detailed images off photobucke



I just edited your post so we can see the pics ;)

nice axe though!
yeah im in freakin love with this

the entire thing i felt deserved open, wide, crisp and smooooooth tone, so i decided to tung oil it...since i found with every other jackson i modified or lp or ibanez with those guitars after owning them and playing them, id install a better bridge or wiring or p/u and at the same point id refinish it, throuhg a process i found that trully a tone worth finish was tung oil

if you arent concerned with the looks of the wood

all the finishes i did i went nuts and tripped them all off, even my dads gibson lp
i used metalic based stain, and then used turpintine to wear it out, and then used denatured alchohol to clean it up, and used 2000# sandpaper then i would tung oil that

and it was amzing

this time i went with no finishing at all

i used 5 layers of tung oil on #0 fine,fine,fine steel whool and got it smooth silky
i used a organic one before but found minwax actually layers harder
i used min wax aplied one coat, waited 5 hours to dry and did the same over and over
and two days  i then let dry to a hard finish and used the steel whool

for the neck i did like 8 coats and after 5 for each one after i used denatured alchol soaked in with #0 steel whool again and again......this gave me a trully silky feel and if i sweat it rols right off te surface and doesnt gum up, or catch on my skin....literaly...i find that when i do this to my necks its the ultimate feel  the 8th coat i just used steel whool dry and didnt doo much just to get the surface feeling flat since when u tung oil it dust collects and random shit sticks to it, unless ur in a clean both wich i do not have

tung oil surely
was the
way to go!

i found also he imense overtones produced on my other guitars so i didnt wana fudge around this time
my ibanez sounded better when i turned it to bare wood guitar
my lp i explained, sounded sooooooooo much more open and wider, the tone wasnt soo tight and grainy, kinda like theres a echo in the guitar
and my old jacksons before i sold them, well the the tone speaks for itself

and i fidn that the tung oil is a superior surface protection than any other
a properly aplied tung oil surface will resist laquer thinner, alchohol, paint thinner and turpentine without dully, lining, warping or whatever
any other finish is literaly dissolved or damaged when any of this is aplied

ive never had to redo a surface...even my carvins wich are all tung oiled too(factory done...but they use minwax)...ive cleaned then extensively, wich rubbing alchohol and thinner before...even when i had to remove the carvin logo(silkscreen paint), none of the tung oil came off with the thinner!!!!!

as i chose, this guitar can be cleaned with alchohol and the finish never dies or anything like that, i assume after extensive playing in ten-20 years i could refinish it......but its not the same with a laquer based finish, its never the same
next shredder i will use

2 meg push pull pots..both, and no volumes...just tone at both 2 meg....with .08 caps orange
i think this way, i will be able to drive my amps harder
i like having the volume wired full on always, i can always adjust my digitech 2120 artist, or even into a mixer if i need to really tweak the signal
but this time i opted not to just for a classic configuration

two tone pots at such a high value would be extreme, but...looks like all i want is more tone once i get a taste of hell
Hmmm, I might have to see if my shred V-2 can compete with this one....when its done painting :toothy10:

Great guitar man, looks awesome :headbang:
What's the appeal of the Kahler fixed bridge? And why would someone need or want fine tuners when not using a locking nut?
Visago, yours is waaay gnarlier than wookie's.  Nice job!  :icon_thumright:
GoDrex said:
What's the appeal of the Kahler fixed bridge? And why would someone need or want fine tuners when not using a locking nut?

no binding at the nut, and a higher gear ratio, meaning finner tuning.
Aaahhh, don't want to take anything away from his man but thanks. You guys are gonna trip on the next build I have planned.  :headbang1: