Warmoth Project pics........dial up beware.


Thought people might find these interesting.....


















Hey, I got one just like it, only better.  Mines a Warmoth.

I think you should make a frankie next with warmoth parts.

Try painting a Frankenstrat, that will test your sanity, after I painted mine I realized Eddie didn't have a clue what he was doing
Sorry should have been clearer, that is a Warmoth body.    Neck was made by a friend as Warmoth wouldnt change any of their neck specs to suit my project.  Thats my only criticism of the company. 
Ive just ordered a body from the Showcase to start my Franky actually.  Ive been collecting parts over the last few months and Ive finally got the formula correct for aging hardware!
Excellent finish. Did you use a compressor and airbrush? What type of paint did you use? I was going to paint a guitar in a similar way but I read up about some horror stories of using krylon and decided against it.
Bear, Actually, your paintjob turned out a bit better than mine. My frankie is almost done, had a paint problem, some kinda oily residue got on part of it and it's been a fight ever since.

The sad part is, you gotta paint it all black and white, like you have already, less the thin pinstripes, then paint over again with red.

Can't wait to see your next one.

What did you use as a model for where to put your stripes? yours look really accurate.
I forgot a couple things,  I got a 5150 to be finnished next. that should be easy.

What pickup did you use in your above guitar, and hows it sound?
Ive been collecting parts over the last few months and Ive finally got the formula correct for aging hardware!

Cool. Are you going to share that recipe?  :)
Are you gonna try and make a vintage, used, at the end of its life frankie?  I say replace those rusty parts with new ones and paint it up new, dont add scratches and cigarette burns

Your black and white one is not authentic EVH, his 1/8 pinstripes were in fact tape, not paint, and he didn't clearcoat,  my point, yours looks better than the original

So make the next one better too
Cheers guys.
Alfang - I basically copied the Charvel Art Series guitar hence the painted black 1/8 stripes.....oh and the Charvel Art Series logo.
A friend of mine manages a guitar store here in Melbourne and lent me an original to take measurments from and copy.    I must admit the quality of the originals is pretty bad.
Rock maple neck, average finish and a setup not worth mentioning straight out of the box.  I figured I could do much better for 1/4 of the price.  Paint is 2 pack Poly, the type they paint cars with.  A mate owns a Panel Shop so I use his equiptment in exchange for beer.  :icon_thumright:
The Franky will be a copy of the Fender Re issue available now.    Ill be getting a close look at that too when it arrives in the country. 
Also the Pickup in that guitar is a hand wound custom that I made.    Ive been experimenting with pickup winding and have had awesome results with Stew Mac bobbins and base plates.    Its wound with mis matched coils and measures 8.2K.  It sounds incredible.    Done the same for my Franky but aged the bobbins and pole pieces.

Gregg - I went through half a box of salt rusting these parts.........basically I scuffed them up with a Scotchbrite pad to remove and grease and fingerprints, then placed them on an old ceramic plate.    Spray them with water till good and wet then cover them with salt.    The water dries up pretty quickly forming a crust on the parts, so I just re wet them with the spray every 4-5 hours or when time permitted.  Took a few days for the parts to start rusting.  Just so peeps know, nickel plated parts age better than chrome plated.  Chrome dont rust!

I am intriged by your pickup winding results, I have wound a few as well, I've got some great sounding singles, But have only tried one humbucker, and it's a bit weak,

I dont know how much more you can expand on,  number of windings? direction of windings, anything, thanks
Best succes Ive had is winding counter clockwise for both coils (as you look at the top of the bobbin).  42 gauge wire, about 4500 turns on the trem side coil and 5400 turns on the neck side coil.  This is for a bridge pickup.  Ive found that making the bridge side less powerful rounds out the sound more and takes away some of the treble bite.  I generally aim for about 8.2-8.3 ohms for an EVH type sound and like to use Alnico 5 magnets.  Im no expert but it works for me.    I wind them on my wifes old sewing machine. (dont laugh).  The pedal gives me great speed control.  Now I dont count the winds though, I just aim for around 3.7ohms and 4.5ohms checked with a digital mutimeter. 

Id highly recomend doing this if you have the patience.  It works out the same a buying a mid priced Humbucker, but if your building a guitar why not build the whole guitar.  :icon_thumright:
Laugh at the sewing machine? Oh hell no, I'd rather laugh at myself for buying the winder from stewmac, when my wife has a brand new sewing machine she has never used in 20 years.

I will spin up a hummer this weekend using your numbers and see how it goes, I asume you pot it?
My first pickup i didnt pot, and it howeled bad from feedback, 10 minutes in the wax and its solid now.

I guess the thing to do is wind for a bit, scratch a spot and take a reading, cover the spot with nail pollish or super glue, and keep going. till you get the Ohm reading your looking for.

I agree with you, in that, why not build it all, especially pickups, you gotta talk to people or just trial and error to find the sound you want, but really, it's not that hard to wind a pick up. You know who makes a big deal out of how complex , and supperior pickups are , are the pickup makers.

Thanks Bear, I will keep in touch and let you know the results.....John
Cool,  let me know how it goes. 
I do pot them, youre right there.  Just gotta make sure the temp is just right.........I still remember the first pickup I melted :eek: