Warmoth pro contruction truss rod question


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Ok - simple question.  Which direction (clockwise or counterclockwise) do I turn the hex adjustment bolt on the side of the neck to make the neck more concave?  Is this tightening it or loosening it?

Also, do I NEED to loosen the strings before making an adjustment?  I never have with my old MIM tele, and I admit to being lazy but I don't want to jack up my new Warmoth neck.


- TS

Clockwise tightens the truss rod and the neck straightens (against the direction of the string pull). Counter clockwise loosens the truss rod and the neck relaxes adding whatever releif the wood will allow you. You can not add relief (or concave) beyond just a loose truss rod. A common misconception is that the double expanding truss rod can bend both directions; it cannot. It only tightens to straighten the neck.

If you are loosening your truss rod, you do not have to loosen your strings. If you are tightening the truss rod you definately must loosen the strings first, make your adjustment, then bring your strings back up to pitch again.
And on a similar note - does the same rule apply to the screw at the base of the neck?  What about regular Fender truss rods at the headstock?  Same directions?