Warmoth necks: some have "squirrel stripe" on back, some do not?


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Kind of a dumb question, but I see some Warmoth necks (strat/tele types) that do not have the Fender "squirrel stripe" on the back of the neck. But osme of them do have it.

So what's the deal with the "squirrel stripe?" Is it that all newer Warmoth necks have it, and some of the older Warmoth necks did not have it?

All input is appreciated, as usual.
Hey there.  I'm still new to this stuff, but I noticed the same thing.  Upon further inspection, it appears that vintage modern and total vintage have the stripe, while warmoth pro necks do not!
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If the truss rod is laid in from the back of the neck, then it will have a stripe.

All vintage modern necks it seem have a strip, but only one piece total vintage necks have it.  All warmoth pro necks are stripeless.

It just has to do with how the truss rod is put into the neck.