Warmoth body blank project is done!


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Swamp ash body blank I cut to my design, with a scalloped birdseye maple neck and stainless steel frets.

Bill Lawrence 500XL pickups, and a "radioshack" killswitch.

Let me know what you think.  :icon_smile:


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I'm going to repost some better pics this weekend, these are from an old digicam.


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I like the finish, and the alternated white and black knobs and pickups.  The shape kinda reminds me a bit of Dave Mustaine's weird ESP creation.  Are those jalapeno pepper inlays?
They're just a weird design inlays, as a scalopped neck, I could only get dots otherwise, so they're actually decals under the finish.

I used india ink to get the body jet black, added some sealer, and then used white grain fill, and sanded the excess off.


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i love it. the whole dark body and light grain is a ver cool idea, i may have too steal it in the future if that's ok! the finnish idea, not your guitar, just to be clear.
Ha, feel free, one thing to keep in mind is use more than two coats of sealer like I did as the white filler doesn't like to sand itself off very easily.

Otherwise it's easy to actually sand through the black india ink/paint, and then you have to make touch ups.