walnut body + redwood/bloodwood top looks like...?


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I like the looks of the rosewood necks with bloodwood/redwood fret board, but rosewood body is crazy expensive. 

how bad would a walnut body with bloodwood/redwood laminate look?  i can tell if it would look as sinister as the rosewood/bloodwood, or if the walnut is too light brown/ashy.

anyone seen a body like this?
Redwood is not nearly as red as bloodwood (or Padouk)
do a search for DocNrock's soloist with bloodwood top! the body was mahogany (i think)
Here's a figured redwood top (on mahogany):



^ I  thought you were going to say "a steaming pile of horse****"! Phew!  :icon_biggrin:
That is one gorgeous guitar! Unfortunately i think the P90 kind of kills the beauty abit. IDK..just too crude for the finesse of that guitar. Bet it sounds great however.