VW carved top, 24-3/4 scale neck.


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This is my just completed and first Warmoth guitar.

Some specs:

Body: VW carved top, mahogany back and flame maple top, contoured heel, cherry-burst finish top with natural masked lip.over binding, black back (i know, i know  :laughing7:).

Neck: All rosewood Warmoth shape conversion scale 24-3/4, standard thin contour, 10"-16" fretboard radius, 1-11/16 nut, 6100 frets, abalone dots.

Hardware: Wilkinson/Gotoh VS400 tremolo flat mounted, Planet Waves locking tuners, custom VVG humbucker pickups.

I hope will please you!  :blob7:










I'm very happy you like it!  :toothy10: :toothy10: :toothy10:
As said, this is my first Warmoth and i was a little nervous about building it but i think i ended to have a very good guitar.
Thanks to all, also for your support.  :hello2:

spauldingrules said:
where did you get that bridge?  details about it vs. the wamoth sold wilkinson please...

Bought it on Ebay and was very lucky because i paid it, new, much less than VS100 from a guy that never installed it!
This is a Wilkinson VS400 made by Gotoh: http://www.hosco.co.jp/HOSCO_ENGLISH/Pages/gotoh_catalog/wilkinson1.html
Quoted from http://www.fretkingbitz.com/
A new sleek profile and knife edge gives the VS400 a modern, classic look, whilst retaining all the sound, playability & function of the original VS100. Improvements include staggered stringing through the steel sustain block, giving a better string angle to further improve consistent tuning stability, especially on the troublesome G & low E strings. Saddles are stainless steel as used on the VS100. The base plate is hardened steel with precision machined knife edges for ultra-smooth feel & perfect return to pitch. A push-in arm installation with tension adjustment completes this top flight professional unit.
This is the only site selling it i found, for ONLY $257 :eek: (actual Pound-Dollar exchange)

Hey Ventolino

That's a cool looking guitar.  I like.  Especially the truss rod cover on the headstock. Where did you find that?

Good stuff
jimh said:
That's a cool looking guitar.  I like.  Especially the truss rod cover on the headstock. Where did you find that?

Thanks to you also.
Read this post: http://www.unofficialwarmoth.com/index.php?topic=2726.0  :laughing7:
Hi to all, has been a long time since i posted here.
Just because this is a discontinued guitar body, and i'm going to sell it, i was asking myself if i could post it here if i don't go against forum policy  :toothy11:
Hi, Ventolino -

That's a beautiful guitar.  You can't be all that happy to be letting it go.  It's a fine specimen of the cherry sunburst.

If you want to get the best price for the guitar, you would probably make more money by selling the individual parts instead of the complete instrument.  But certainly there is nothing wrong with offering it for sale here.  THere is a special subforum for selling gear.