VS 100 convertible


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Does anyone have this bridge?
I got one off of e-bay. I think it is the same as the VS 100, except for the locking bar.
Anyway, I have a problem with the low E string going sharp everytime I use the bar. The other strings are slightly off also, but the low E is really sharp. It happens everytime I use the bar. I would think the string would go flat if anything.
I took the back plate off today to make the bridge like a VS 100. The same thing happens.
I think that when I dive the bar, the slack in the string allows it to travel slightly down the saddle. Then when I return the bar, it is pulling on a slightly shorter string, thus making it go sharp. The bridge was NOS when I bought it.
I have Sperzel locking tuners and a Fender LSR roller nut with .010 strings.
Any thoughts?

it sure sounds like theres friction at the nut, you must have a string tree or something between the lsr roller nut and the tuners?

LSR roller nut is useless if you use trees or anything between it and tuners
Sorry I forgot to mention I don't have any string trees. The Sperzels are progessively smaller to eliminate the trees.
bpmorton777 said:

he wouldnt have a tree on a low E would he?


How am I suposed to know what he's got for trees or not, he may have had a six string floyd style tree for all I know. I have seen many things since i joined this forum so nothing surprises me. And if that was the case, any individual string can have more tension than another. Do I need to continue? or do you see my point?  Turns out he doesn't, but no one knew that when I responded.

so his LSR nut is AFU or the strings are slipping in the bridge, or... theres one more option, too many wraps arround the tuning post, as the strings loosen, they tend to loosen at the post, then when the trem is released the strings do not settle as they were and tend to go sharp, Go to d'addarios website and watch the " how to string a guitar video"


I'll bet a Beer this is the problem

Too bad I don't drink ...
I know I don't have excess wraps because I have the locking tuners and the E string is only about half way 'round.
Thanks for the replies.
I am going to remove the string and check if there is anything inside the saddle holding the string up.
The intonation and neck relief is good, I just set them again to be sure.
I didn't find any flaw in the saddle.
Next I am going to try to solder the ball end of the string and see if that helps.
keep playing with the bar HARD and keep retuning the guitar or intonate as needed. I always got my trems to stay in real good after doing this,
Do you have calipers, or some way to see if the saddle is moving forward when you have the strings slack? I mean, measure the distance from the front of the saddle to the edge of the bridge when things are well, whammy around then re-measure. That could explain what's happening, and if so that would hint towards a fix. Even a little metal rule with 1/64" gradations might work if your eyesight is still really good.
I checked all the saddles and they are locked down.
One thing has changed since I re adjusted the neck/action, all of the strings are going sharp now.
Needles to say, this is quite annoying.
I even tried tuning flat and then hitting the bar. The strings do change, but it's no way to get in tune. (or on the straight and narrow...The Who anyone?)
Any thoughts if I will have any better luck with a normal VS 100?
I find it hard to believe it is the bridge, and I really like the idea of this bridge locking when not in use!
well if all strings are returning out of pitch, it sure sounds like you are fighting a floating bridge, if not, it's cursed, throw into CB's pile of burnable guitars, and start over
I still am having tuning issues and it is driving me crazy!  :eek:
I've read over and over that other people are using the VS100 without a problem. Is it usually set up to float, or flat to the body?
I am ready to take it out and try something else (tremking?)
I was checking Dan Erlewine's guitar repair guide, and I notcied he says to use .009's with the Fender two point trem. I also read somewhere online that the Fender LSR doesn't work with .010's and larger. Anyone have any experience with the Fender LSR???
I am currently using .010 strings.

Any help?
Please, I love this guitar, but what good is it if it won't stay in tune?