VIP vs. Strat


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Which is more comfortable to play standing / sitting?  I have a strat and like it, but I wouldn't mind something a little different for my next one.  Any general opinions of the relative pluses and minuses of these 2 shapes?
I own both, and I have to say that the Strat shape is the end all for comfort in any position.  The VIP isn't an uncomfortable shape, but the lack of a forearm contour is a bit annoying after you've gotten used to playing a Strat.  You have to position your picking hand a different way to keep the edge from digging into your arm.

Of course, YMMV.
I know this post is almost two months old, but I just stumbled across it.  Yea, the strat is (IMHO) the most comfortable guitar on the planet.  I've got two.  However, the VIP w/ Humbuckers is another animal and is not gonna sound like a strat.  I like how modern the VIP looks.  Strats and Les Pauls are awesome, but do look dated.  A VIP w/ the Gotoh 510 bridge is sweet.  Add one to the list of guitars you're gonna buy.  Have Fun!

Shane :guitaristgif:
Yeah I guess I missed this thread too, but to me the Strat is the most comfortable guitar there is. If I built a VIP I would need the comfort contours of the strat.