Vintage tint and vintage pearl - good combo?


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Hello folks.  I am planning a vintage tint hard ash thinline and am trying to decide on a pickguard.  I like vintage pearl but wasn't sure if it would go well with the vintage tint.  I couldn't find a picture of that combination to look at.  Does anyone have one of those?  I figure it will either look really good or really bad.  I had a white pearl pickguard on an Olympic white guitar and I ended up changing it.  Something was just off about it.  If vintage pearl doesn't go, I'll go with trusty black.
My 96 ASAT originally had a white pearl pickguard and pup covers were white on a transparent Ash body
but i changed it all as soon as i got the guitar home. Maybe the vintage pickguard would have looked nice on it
but i prefer the black one, its thin aluminium and shields the guitar.


Not quite sure about the tint... they usually come out too yellow for my liking...

If you are going for a boutique look though, why not? It's your guitar...