Vintage sounding Single coils..


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What are some good Vintage sounding single coil pickups?

I'm normally a humbucker guy so I don't know too much about them, But I'm planning on doing a single coil build after the one I currently have planned.

I want to go with some seymour Duncans Most likely.. The Antiquitys?

But what model exactly?

And I'm also looking for some noiseless singles for the HSS build I'm planning now.

Any and all help is apprciated guys.. Thanks.
For Strats I prefer the Fralin Vintage Hots.  If you want a real super quacky sound with a little of that vintage "hollowness," try John Suhr's new Fletcher/Landau pickups (They have less low end than the Fralins).  For Tele I like Fralin Blues Specials, and I'm getting ready to try the Adder T300 neck. Fralins can be got used on ebay, and they continue to hold value if you wish to resell.
Get the dimarzio area 58's with an area 61 in the bridge.  Completely noiseless and pure strat sound.  I love them.
spauldingrules said:
Get the dimarzio area 58's with an area 61 in the bridge.  Completely noiseless and pure strat sound.  I love them.

Thanks for that guys... I really like the Dimarzios..
Consider them sold!
Go to and check these out. I have a set of 59's. They are hand wound to whatever spec you want! They are incredible pickups. I dont work for Jeff and I don't get deals for mentioning his stuff so I don't want anyone to acuse me of spamming. Please!! I'm just spreading the word about a great pickup .
SD SSL-1, $143 for the set at acme guitar products. Old school, low-tech, alnico 5 staggered vintage pickups. I have the strat sound that's in your head.
I'd go for Lindy Fralin single coil pickups everytime.

I have fralins in all my strats.
Vintage Hots in my fender strat and Blues Specials in my Knopler Pensa Suhr copy.

I called Fralin and Lindy himself answered the phone.  He said because the maple top on the mahogany body and maple neck may be a little bright he would recommend the Blues Specials to add a little more warmth/thickness.  I took his advice and I sure don't regret it.

I also love Fralin humbuckers but I've a feeling I may be in the minority.

Have you looked into Rio Grande Pickups'  Vintage Tall Boys? Go to their web site and click on 'Sounds'. Then listen to the 'Chicago Blues' and 'Texas Blues' sound clips. Also, check out the sound clips for the Muy Grandes. Listen to clip 'Under the Influence' in particular since you're thinking about a HSS build. The Muy Grandes (Cuatro Set) are the ones I'm thinking about going with when I modify strat which happens to be a HSS mod.  Check out the Halfbreeds and the Dirty Harrys, also. All are awesome sounding.

Oh,speaking of sound samples for vintage single coils, this is a great comparison site of lollars, fralins, SD, and Fender. Highly recommended:
Also check out DiMarzio's True Velvet line.  I had a Red Velvet a few years back in the neck position of a Kramer Stagemaster, very vintage bell-like tone.