VG Strat bodies?


Hi there
has anyone asked the guys at Warmoth about making a VG strat body?  I'm assuming it's got some different routing and was wondering if they'd be willing to do it for a reasonable price.  Wanted to ask here before bothering them - they're pretty busy these days.


I'd guess not; have you checked the routing on a VG? IS your plan to buy a VG, and install all the electronics in a nicer looking body?
That, my friend, is EXACTLY what I had planned on doing.  I've never seen the guts of a VG though, so don't know what the routing looks like

Go wherever you have to go and play one first; on paper it sounds like a good idea, but I was real underwhelmed when they finally came out and I tried one out. Maybe it's just me, but I didn't care much for the modeled sounds from the Roland GK pickup. Don't get me wrong, they're OK, but the problem for me is that they're "just OK", not great.

You can see some of where the extra routing is done on page 15 of the owners manual:

It seems like the guts of the VG contain a subset of the features in the new Roland VG-99 modeling system

You could call/email Warmoth about the viability of having them do the routing, but they're so busy I don't know that they'd want to do a VG model routed body.

There would be a couple of other alternatives; for a few hundred dollars more than the VG you could build your "dream Strat", install the Roland GK pickup and get the VG-99 system and have all the VG sounds/features + a lot more.

OR you could just be like a lot of us maniacs on this board and build multiple Warmoth guitars with a variety of PUs/woods/electronics to get all the sounds you want.
Nothing is programmed to accomodate the VG strat guts.  That would have to be a custom project.

An alternative would be to look at either Graphtec or RMC piezo saddles and a MIDI driver.  Not quite as much routing though you do need an outboard processor (ie VG-99).