Velco for pedalboard

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depends on how big your board is.  For the home depot stuff I"d say no. It comes in 2" strips.
And depending on whether you want Hook or loop on the board itself your costs could change dramatically.
its like... what 40 bucks or so for their little kit. and you get something like 15' of 2" velcro Hook and Loop?

I bought my velcro from this guy:

Its expensive, but in comparison to the tiny kits you get at Home depot or by going to the fabric store its actually a much better value.
I endedup getting a 75' roll of 4" loop from him and about 30' of 1" hook for my pedals and it cost about $80.  I only ended up using about 18' of the 75' roll on my pedalboard which is 4' x 18".. so i used a lot of it.  But with the leftover I've already made another board for a friend and got 75 bucks for it.  So if you're willing to shell out a few more dollars for the good stuff I'd say its worth it, because you can get your money back for it.

On the other hand if you can figure out where he gets this stuff (apparently its for medical application, which makes me think of sanitariums probably) then let me know because cutting out the middle man would probably make it quite a bit less expensive.  and as soon as the adhesive sticks.  its stuck for good.  This stuff is really strong.