Varied bass necks


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Now, I'm not really one to complain, and this is going to come off as a complaint, but...

I'm used to watching the bass neck showcase, and have seen a distinct lack of "exotic" necks.  I thought "Oh, well, maybe Warmoth is having problems sourcing some of their more exotics."  So I checked the guitar area.

Right now, in guitar neck showcase, there are 54 mahogany necks, 7 pau ferro necks, 37 brazilian ebony necks, and 39 indian rosewood necks.

Right now, in the bass neck showcase, there are 0 mahogany necks, 0 pau ferro necks, 0 brazilian ebony necks, and 2 indian rosewood necks.

I know that Warmoth makes and places items in the showcase that are calculated to sell.  But... what's up with this?  To add to this I've become a fan of the 30" scale bass necks, a more specialized item to begin with, but every one of them is maple.  Every... one...  Of course there are only 12 total in that category.  It seems to me that... they sold the rest?

I'm also assuming there are some wood species that make for a good guitar neck but not for a good bass neck.  Possibly because of higher string tension pressure.  Probably the mahogany, but I know I've seen necks of the other species, and those are just the ones I looked for.

I'm also aware that if I really, really want something, I can call.  I've done this several times actually.  But sometimes it's nice to browse a completed product.  And be able to buy it without paying the custom item pricing.  That gets ex-pen-sive.

Wait, what is that, walnut?  They make necks out of walnut?  Ohhh, right.  I almost forgot, I'm a bass player.

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And I’ve been looking for months or just a straight roasted maple 30 inch bass neck with the Warmoth 2+2 headstock, and never once saw it. Regular maple necks with a variety of fret boards and once a roasted maple neck with roasted maple fretboard, or one piece but with the standard fender that’s it.
I finally gave up and just ordered one last week LOL

I keep seeing the same issue with bass bodies as well....gloss black or some kind of burst, that’s pretty much it. I’m so tired of all the bursts.
Do they make that many and sell that many? Or they made a bunch and they have been sitting there for months?
BroccoliRob said:
Rofl who uses mahogany for bass necks  :dontknow:

Ok, if it's silly, it's silly.  Just tell me why not?  I think you're not hearing me...  It's not that I want mahogany bass necks, it's that I've never seen a mahogany bass neck.  There's more to life than maple.  And if this showed up as a 30" bass neck, I wouldn't kick it out of bed for eating crackers being gloss.


I'll tell you what, I'm known to be an impulse dude.  If this here rosewood was a short scale bass neck, guess who would own it?


But, this one first!  I'm a sucker for pau ferro in the worst way.


I'm just a little jealous of you guitar freaks guys.  Such variety to choose!
How's this... right now in the showcase there are 248 quartersawn maple guitar necks available.  All varieties of scales, finishes, fretboards, you name it. 

There is one (1) quartersawn maple bass neck available.  It's a 34" jazz bass, black face and side dots.

On page 2 of the search there are 7 qs maple snakeheads with 3.5mm black dot inlays alone.  I can't see much of a difference in them. 

Tell me a quartersawn maple 30" bass neck, just one mind you, won't sell before those snakeheads do.

Okay I'm stopping.  I think I'm getting bitchy.
yo I'm just #saying, mahogany would be a terrible for a bass neck. she's a squishy wood.

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so you see - even though robots are made from the same materials as blenders and computers, they're not the ideal components, just like mahorgany is not the ideal component for a bass neck. that's all. not tryna start a beef or feud
lol, i do what I can. but srsly (real talk), i think Aye Aye Rawn said in another thread that the website is light this time of year because they do inventory (but if they're on the website why do they need to be counted rofl?).