Using braided hook up wire-output jack HELP!


I have a question-    this is my first project ever wiring a guitar myself. I feel so :laughing7: stupid asking this but

I have a single humbucker super strat ala EVH with one 500k volume pot.

The bucker is a single conductor braided lead-I can get this to the pot just fine.

Do I use the "braided hook up wire" from the jack to the pot-OR do I just use the red and black wire.

I have the warmoth supplied "hook up wire" kit.  It has the braided and single red and black wires in the kit.

Bit cornfused here.
Thanks for the help :headbang:
Yeah, use the braided wire.  The shield should go to the back of the pot and the ring of the jack, the core should go from the output lug on the pot to the tip on the jack.

And there is zero need to shield this guitar as it's already 100% shielded.  :party07:
Thanks dbw-but I already sheilded the guitar with copper foil from Warmoth-I guess it'll be sheilding overkill but thanks for letting me know I can use the braided stuff

Have a great Holiday Season and rock on :headbang: