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My fretless padouk/pau ferro bass neck has hit the trail, podners! Problem - I CAN'T FINISH THE LAST PROJECT YET!!! :sad1: :help: :evil4:

I live in a swamp & our humidity has gone loony, peaking out at 100% every night and dropping to the 70% range.... I managed to get the neck on my seven-string finished the last "dry" spell and I've got the dye & sanding sealer on the body, but it'd be dim to slap on the poly when it's just going to peel off like scotch tape... my bass is going to leapfrog my seven-string if this greasy/armpit/fetid swamp-air crap keeps up much longer, cause the bass neck needs no finishing, and all I have to do is cut out a pickguard and drill some stuff and hammer it together.

Q: How many projects do you work on AT THE SAME TIME?!?
Is it, like, against the RULES to finish the second one FIRST?
Am I going to get in TROUBLE? :help:
I at times work on two simultaneously; sometimes depends on when I order items, or occasionally find bargains on eBay or elsewhere.

The only "rule" is that there are NO rules.
I think the simplest way to approach it is that you finish the bass first because you can.  You can't help it if a Natural disaster (humidity with respect to finishes is one, right?) derails your schedule.  The important thing is to stay busy.  Right?

nathan a said:
jackthehack said:
The only "rule" is that there are NO rules.

No, the only rule is that you do not talk about Warmoth club.

ROFLMAO!!!! :laughing11: :laughing3: :laughing7: :laughing3: :laughing11: :laughing3: :laughing7: :laughing3: :laughing11: :laughing3: :laughing7: :laughing3: :laughing11: :laughing3: :laughing7: :laughing3: :laughing11:

Sorry 'bout that.  I haven't heard a reference to that movie in forever and it just sort of leaked out.