Unique Choice Wood for Thinline


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I did it today; you all got me lusting after a Thinline so I thought I’d go all out.   I ordered a Thinline with this piece of wood from the Unique Choice Wood selection.  I’m putting it on Swamp Ash and  it is going to be double bound with white.  I’ll finish it with Nitro in a nice sunburst.

I ordered a Vintage Modern Boatneck with 5A Maple back and a dark Brazilian board.  It should be a beauty when it’s done.  I’ll post pictures when it arrives.

Keep on dreaming of the perfect build!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good golly, Tonar.  That is going to be one crazy Thinline.  Can't wait to see what a finisher of your calibre does with this thing.  Please keep us up to date!
Hey!  I had my eye on that flame maple lam top!  I guess this falls in the "you snooze, you lose" category.

Thinlines are such great guitars.    Yours sounds like it will be real nice.