"Twas Night Before Christmas and a Brown Truck showed up.


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I could not pass this one up.  I spotted it on the Showcase and even though I still need to get a couple of necks for some other bodies I snagged it.  A single piece 3lb Swamp Ash body like this does not come along to often so here it is at my house on Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas to all of my friends here on the board and at Warmoth!

God Bless!

You know, sooner or later you'll have one too many guitars. Maybe the Maxwell Guitar Donation organization can help.
Love the grain on that! What magic are you doing on this body???

Cheers Greg! Merry Christmas!!!  :eek:ccasion14:
You know I actually though to my self 'Gee I wonder If I can get away trying to buy that' For what seems like that exact guitar body. I found out that I couldn't, but you beat me to it anyway! :laughing7:
You should do amber gloss or something like that... Here's a tasty '72:

I ordered this for shop stock since it was so nice.  As soon as I have someone that wants a build out of it I’ll do it however they want it.  I would like to see it wind up as a Mary Kaye, which would be my suggestion for this piece of wood.
If you're taking recomendations or want a challenge, how about a dyed top with contrasting colors with a dyed competiton stripe?  On bookmatched or two-piece bodies (doesn't look like it applies here), two different dye colors on the two different pieces?