Truss rods


I just got a '92 strat body and neck for free and they're in good condition, except for the neck not having a truss rod. Is it ruined, or can I put a truss rod in and then tighten it?

I just looked really closely and yes, there is a truss rod. I thought there wasn't because the neck felt really light and the truss rod is a dark color (maybe some rust or something) and I couldn't see it before because it was kind of dark when I was looking at it.

Sorry for the stupid question.
I have another question about the neck. It has a hole for the string retainer, and another one about half an inch closer to the nut. Did old Fender string retainers use 2 holes, or did someone just drill a second hole?
It could have had a kahler nut installed or maybe just two string retainers.
A lot of Fenders came with two string retainers. Everybody takes the one for the D & G strings off cause you don't need it, but Fender just keeps putting them on. "Tradition" is not always the greatest of things.... ???
Yeah! You ALWAYS need the E/B string retainer on a Fender style neck, and you OFTEN need the D/G retainer usually on a basis of nut height.
I dont have string retainers on any of my guitars.

All the nuts are slotted properly, and maybe I dont Abuse my strings when picking.  If the strings are jumping out of the nut, use a retainer, otherwise avoid them.