Truss rod on a flame maple Warmoth neck


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I recently bought a H/S/S Strat with a flame maple Warmoth neck (RW fingerboard).
Now, after unscrewing the neck I discovered no truss rod at the bottom.
However at the nut, there is a quite small hole for a truss rod. The thing is there seems to be no truss rod mounted?
Maybe, there is a slight chance there is one, but buried very deep in the neck.

Anyone had the same experience?
Have Warmoth ever sold necks without truss rods?
Hi, I already answered your question that you posted in tips and tricks.

stratamania said:
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Warmoth has not sold necks without truss rods.

Does the neck have a skunk stripe at the back? I assume it is a vintage modern construction.

The hole at the head should accept a 4mm allen (hex) key which would be used to adjust the truss rod.

You need to insert the allen key and feel for where it is. It is not obviously visible.