Truss rod key


Just tried every allen key in my toolbox and not found one that fits (not that the selection I have is enormous, but there are a fair few!)  I did a quick search on here and found one post that seemed to suggest I should have got an allen key in the box, but I haven't.  Can anyone confirm/deny whether I have been cheated of an allen key, or tell me what size I need?!  :-\


- Paul
I just got two necks, and neither came with a key.  Whats more, you need a long sob to get down in there.  I seem to recall 8mm or 5/16 both work, 8mm being a little better fit.  Could be my memory's plain tricks, but I do recall for certain that there is a near common metric and English size.
Side truss rod adjustment allen wrench 3 mm - included in purchase
Vintage Modern Neck allen wrench 4 mm - not included with neck purchase
Warmoth Bass Neck allen wrench 5 mm - not included with neck purchase

I think I posted that, always get Warmoth Pro necks and they come with the neck, didn't know they didn't come with VM necks, sorry if I confused anybody....
That would be a difference of -.031mm,  I think you could make it work!
jackthehack said:
I think I posted that, always get Warmoth Pro necks

I would have done if only I hadn't need the 3-hole neck mount.  Would have been nice to have the double action truss rod....

Still, a 4mm key has done it on my Vintage Pro (none of this "inches" malarky over here in Europe!!)


- Paul