Truss rod adjustment on LP neck - what wrench?


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My neck is finally here and attached and now I'm wanting to adjust the truss rod.  I have a 5/16" socket that fits, but it's 1 inch long - no room for a swivel attachment.  So I just went to Sears to buy a 5/16" swivel socket that is shorter, but it's too wide to fit in the cavity.  The caivty is too narow to get any wrenches between the nut and the wood, so now what?!!

I know there is a way to do this, just need to know how.  Thanks.
Go to a car parts place and buy the cheapest 5/16" socket you can find; they're usually in those "Your choice for a buck" table bins. You'll notice that on "budget" sockets, the walls of the socket are thinner than standard. That is the perfect socket for the job!
I ended up finding and ordering the 5/16" Gibson truss wrench from Stew-Mac...fits perfectly.  Thanks for all the help fella's.