Tru-oil, staining, and grain-filling


Bklynn Blues

If I use tru-oil on an open-grained wood such as ash or mahogany is it necessary to fill the grain, and if so, can I use a water-based grain filler?

Also, can I use water-based dye stains under tru-oil, or should I go with an alcohol-based dye stain? And should I seal the stain with shellac before before applying tru-oil, or is that a nitrocellulose procedure?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

  i finished a mohogany body with tung oil its about the same as tru oil as far as coverage  i diddnt use grain filler on it just put on about 10 coats  then sanded most of them off and applied about 10 more and the grain filled up nice the body was pale so i mixed a little minwax red mohogany stain in the first two coats heres a pic/////// check out this link they have some good info  Guitar Refinishing.Com