tremolo block with broken screw


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I'm working on a 1982 Ibanez Blazer that came with a strat style tremolo bridge.  I was originally going to replace it with a new one from Wilkinson (a Wilkinson WVC SB made by Sung-Il in Korea), but the new one doesn't fit.  I think that the guitar's original tremolo plate is a little longer from front to back than a standard strat tremolo.

After I cleaned all the grunge and tarnish off of the original bridge, I took a better look at it and it looks like it was made pretty well.  I'm going to try to find a place where I can get the plate and saddles chromed so that they match the rest of the hardware that is now on the guitar and use them with a new hardware kit like the one Callaham sells.

However, the original block has a broken screw stuck in it.  The head is broken off and the shaft of the screw is stuck in the hole.  I think the broken off piece of the screw might even have a piece of a drill bit in it from someone trying to drill it out.  So I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone has any broken screw removal secrets before I tried to get it out myself or take it somewhere to have it done.  I really want to make sure not to mess up the threads in the brass block, since I don't know if that is a standard size either.

Also, the block screws that came with the bridge are also brass and are a little bit longer than the ones that came with the Wilkinson, so I thought I'd ask if anyone had any idea where I could get new ones to fit.  (Only one of the screws is original.)  I've tried hardware stores and home centers but I haven't seen anything close.

Sorry for the non-Warmoth content, but I've browsed a bunch of other guitar forums and the people here seem to be much more knowledgeable than most other places.  Someday I hope to put together a Pelham blue Warmoth LPS style and this project is my "try it on a cheaper guitar first" one.

Thanks in advance.
Hey Sinistar,

This has happened to me on several occasions while working on cars.

Basically, its a reverse threaded drill bit:,GeneralPurpose&sName=Bolt-Out,%20Taps%20&%20Dies&psid=FROOGLE01&sid=IDx20070921x00003a

You can get a full on kit:,GeneralPurpose&sName=Bolt-Out,%20Taps%20&%20Dies&psid=FROOGLE01&sid=IDx20070921x00003a

The concern will be finding one small enough.

Good Luck,