Too Many Forums

Greg P

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Just a suggestion, I think there are too many sub-forums.  The reason why I say that is I find myself missing posts in some forums.  For example, I don't go to the wood forums much, but sometimes there are good posts there that perhaps would be better in the general discussion.  At the same time it becomes tedious just to drop in for a quick visit and have to click through several forums just to read one new post in each.  On the other hand, if I have a question about wood, say I'd probably ask it in General so more people would see it because the wood forums are lightly trafficked. 

I think a more logical set up would be say, combining pickups, electronics (related to pickups, usually), and hardware.  Those are all low traffic, but related sub-forums.  Neck woods and body woods could just be "Wood."  Again low traffic but related.  The pictures of completed projects is one of my favorite things about this site, but that area really requires a lot of clicking to get through.  The bass forums are pretty low traffic, they could probably all be combined.  Same with several of the guitar forums. 
Have you tried to use the 'Show unread posts since last visit.' at the top of the page?  I find that it is the best method to see what people are writing about.  When I go through the posts that interest me, you can clean out the queue by selecting 'Mark all as read'.

Just a thought, but it works well for me. 

By the way, I like the new board...
We thought that it would be better to build out the forums as if it were already a high traffic board. That way, we would not cause confusion later on or have a real mix of topics in forums that we just couldn't seperate after the fact.

It seemed like a better long range plan than just building it for a small group. We fully expect that since this new board is able to be crawled by search engines, we should have 10 times the number of members of the old board in time. The old board had over 600 members.

Those were the thoughts behind it anyhow.   :icon_smile:
I don't think cramming everything into a few boxes would be very user friendly when like Greg said it begins filling up, especially if you want to use the search mode to mine for info later on........there's a wealth of information on this site, more as time goes on.
As far as guitar building goes, I find through the use of this forum I don't have to go to any other site or punch in any other searches, just come here go to where the links and info that I need are and, "Walla"  knowledge..............Its actually a time saver if you look at it for knowledge instead of just a social network, though the social aspect of it is cool as well, especially for us, recluse guitar pickers........ :laughing7:
Hey Greg P  I had the same exact thought when i first started comming into this forum, so much info out there and you wanna keep up on all the threads going on.

Then as Uff-Da just pointed out, when you open the forum just hit show new posts since last visit, It really works, especially if you check back every few hours, then theres not so many new things to read.

Forums nothing but positive thoughts. I like the way it is layed out and the knowledge it's everywhere. THANK YOU UNOFFICAL WARMOTH SITE.