Tone vs. Volume

Should I put 2 volume controls or 1 volume and 1 tone in my HH (Duncan '59s) strat?

  • 2 volume

    Votes: 3 25.0%
  • 1 tone 1 volume

    Votes: 9 75.0%

  • Total voters
I play with my tone control too much to tell you not to get one, but I prefer the Vol/Vol/Tone setup.  I can set up the bridge pickup the way I want it for a nice snarly rhythm tone with the volume backed down to 7 or 8, then switch to the neck pickup and the gain/volume boost puts me over the edge for leads.  Love my setup that way, but I don't run any pedals, so I've got to boost my signal somehow for leads.  This way just seems to be the easiest.
If those are the only two choices, I have to go with one vol, one tone, but I love my tone controls, though there are a good many benefits to two volumes when you've got two humbuckers.
one vol, two tone... BUT make one of the tone controls a "mid" control with a Lawrence Q filter... you'll find you use that more than your treble roll off tone control~
I just never use the tones on my HB guitars (I do with my strat, though).  I am thinking 2 vols may be more useful?  I only want 2 knobs total (my pickguard only has 2 holes).