Thunderbird Bass Questions

Goos morning all,

I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this topic, I'm kind of new here here...

I'm wanting to try the Thunderbird style bass and I think the way to proceed is to buy an Epiphone and give it a whirl. The question is what if I end up liking it better than my beloved Jazz basses? Can I upgrade it with a Warmoth neck?

Long story short... has anyone put a quality Warmoth neck on an Epiphone Thunderbird bass?

Oh yeah, I realize that this may not be particularly cost effective compared to just buying a good one to start with but I can't find any Gibson T-birds locally.

Thanks in advance for your input... this forum rocks!
I don't have the T-brid neck pocket specs, but it is doubtful that they would exactly follow Fender's footprint. you may have to have the neck pocket modified to get the Warmoth neck to fit properly - but I do not speak this from direct experience

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Thanks S.Funk,

Maybe I'll get lucky and the neck pocket will be undersized I can always make it bigger... I suppose that if it doesn't work out I could sell the Epiphone and get a good one later.