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I think I know the answer, but...
I'll be receiving a Danelectro Dano Pro soon. Can't wait. I'm just wondering if the neck pocket would accept a Warmoth neck.
I'm absolutely craving a raw wood neck like canary or pau ferro. I guess I could get the neck and if it doesn't fit, that would force me to start a full W guitar!
I'ma have to say no.  I'm pretty sure the heel is too narrow, so if you really wanted you may be able to widen it, although I'd be more inclined to do that on a 90's dano rather than one of the new pro's.  Also, I'm not sure the center block will be wide enough to be able to do that.

Sounds like fun, though.  Me and my buddies have a love/hate relationship with danos-- we love the sound but hate the fact that it doesn't fit our music  :-\
That's what I thought. I'm not sure the screws would line up anyway.