They just shipped my neck, now a last minute question


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Hello, can't wait to get my build together and show you guys!  Anyways, I bought a body blank from Warmoth, and it is routed for a tune-o-matic bridge.  I was planning on bolting this on using a neck plate, and as Warmoth angled the neck pocket for this bridge, I had a question.

Since it is angled, would that mean that the holes drilled for the bolts in the neck & the holes drilled in the body won't match up anymore?

I'm hoping that it isn't a big enough angle to really matter, or that the holes drilled in the body are large enough where it will still match up, I would really appreciate it if anyone can help.

The holes will line up perfectly, so don't worry. One thing you need to be aware of is that you'll need two different sizes of neck screws for a contoured heel, like this...

Look under "Neck Screws". If you don't use 2 long and 2 short, you can and will pop through the fingerboard with the tip of the screw. And we don't want anyone doing that, right?