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Since Danelectro and Reverend don't make their "plastic" models anymore, I thought, why not get a Warmoth neck and make my own plastic hollowbody! Everything I've heard played through them sounds so great. Body design is also quite a bit simpler; so...
The only concern is about those guitars' neck cavity construction; how are they made so that the neck doesn't fold under string tension?
never cut a Reverend body in half, so I can't say for sure. if they are similar to other semi-hollow bodies, there most likely is a center block that runs the length of the body. on an Ibanez Artcore it is about 1/2" wider than the pickup cavity route.

using a center block would give you the stablity for the neck pocket while also eliminating the potential for the top to cave due to the lifting force of the strings under tension.

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