the whole warmoth family plus half brothers & step brothers


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let me start by saying sorry about the multiposts here but it will only let me put up one pic at a time  .........heres pics of most of my colection most are warmoth i have a couple more {not pictured} and two more in parts for future buiilds when time allows
guits006.jpg[/IMG]   any one wanting to donate boxes of string .HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! any vh fans out there the musicman copy  yellow/black bumblebee is for sale.
this was my strat stage the one on the right is a washburn usa im not a washburn guy at all but this thing was great and only $245.00 at a pawn shop and was brand new it will be getting a warmoth fatback soon as funds allow
Nice thread!  :kewlpics:  That's a great collection!  I thought of attempting my own relic job like your SRV but I think I need some more education on how to make a guitar look old and well used.
thanks greg!!!!!!! :eek:ccasion14: the srv was alot more work than any of my other builds it took about 50 hours to relic the neck and body beleive it or not i used  a $3.00 package of water colors to do most of the ageing on it .which was cool because if i diddnt like the outcome it washed off .i did it in layers with nitro inbetween. the only prob with this srv is  after i let some guys at the local music store play it for a day. i was offered enough money to sell it and now i regret it :sad1: .o well ill just use what i learned on this one for the next one right. :headbang:
first off dont dog me because i know its dusty and drty . :icon_tongue:heres a pic of my boogie dc-5
ive owned alot of amps and heads but this is the one that will never leave it it amazing way better than all the other boogies ive herd side by side with this one. the  owners of the other boogies ask what kind of mods ive done to it it sounds that much better than theirs. and i reply it stock . i custom ordered it back in the 90s with black tolex it took 6 1/2 weeks to get it. i have a tc delay and the reverb on the head and a bbs for that extra low grunt at high volumes thats it . it has from van halen ----  :party07: dimebag tone on the high gain chanel. the crunch channel is all zztop :headbang: sounds just like the tone on tush{live version} clean channel is not the best ive heard but its still better than some i dont use it much anyway. thanks kayls
Damn!!!!!!!!!!  Too Cool!!!!!!!! suck dude...hahahahahahahhah...........just kidding, what a collection, Warmoth must be loving you ...hahahaahahahh.......and Im sure your loving them guitars...........Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!.........bummer bout the SRV it looks kick ass..... :eek:
You must be able to whip a guitar out in a day by now huh ????........nice......... :icon_thumright:
let me guess......................your a strat guy? :icon_scratch: :icon_scratch: :icon_scratch: :icon_scratch: :icon_scratch: :icon_scratch:
Great Collection!!
One day I hope to replace all my non-warmoths with warmoths :)
My wife thinks that 25 is the max number of guitars that fit in our house, so I need to sell a non-warmoth before I can start a new project :)
hahahaha !!!!! i understand my wife thinks you only need one guitar. she couldnt understand i told her what if you only had one pair of shoes. still dosent get it. o well im selling a few myself to fund a couple more builds. the musicman copy black and yellow van halen bumblebee in the pics is  for sale and on its way out.