The NEW Unofficial Warmoth Board & the OLD Unofficial Warmoth Board


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Hello All,

Welcome to the new home of Unofficial Warmoth! For better technolgy and growth reasons, we needed to take the plunge.

So welcome old friends and new, we look forward to continuing to grow one of the strongest communities of guitar and bass builders on the net!

Great Job on the new format!
I especially like the picture section (=Guitar P0rn)
I know there was always the official Gallery, but here we can post much more details and different pictures from different angles..Which I think is very inspiring for new ideas/projects.
This is great.  Even though I don't post that much anymore I enjoyed reading the old Warmoth site very much.  And I know I'll enjoy this place too.  Cheers all.
I enjoy the new form as well, especially since I forgot my password for the old forum and was never able to log on!  :p
Glad you like it! What is really great is we have a technology platform now that we can expand and grow with. It'll just keep getting better from here!
This Forum is soo much nicer!!!!!!!!, the gallery is everything a gallery should be, and I love the easy on the eye's colors on here, definantly beats the Red ink.............Soothing............ ;)
never seen the old format but i'm diggin' the new one. :headbang1: I spend lots of time here looking for inspiration for my first project