The New Telecaster (Redux)

Chris of Arabia

Senior Member
I'll still need to take more, but here at long last, I give you...

[penny drops]Ah![/penny drops]

No, I just asked nicely again. Though when it did finally return, I got a slight sense of bad grace about it all. Don't think I'll be loaning anything else out any time soon...
That Blue looks great with the binding and the birdseye maple!
to me it looks like a subtle mix of traditional and non-traditional.. (does that make sense??  :tard:)

Hey Chris, didn't you have a seafoam green strat with pearloid pg on the flickr site? I can't find it back...
I picked up a classic series 60's strat in shell pink from a pawn store yesterday, and am thinking about refinishing it in sf green..
ahh found it.. it was the lonestar strat with wilkinson trem I was thinking off.
is that seafoam green or another color?
Gorgeous. Play it in a tux and cowboy hat for me, please. Seriously, the neck plate and 2 months wait was worth it.
Nice tele, this from a non-tele guy.
Mind if I borrow it?   :evil4:  :icon_biggrin:
I wouldn't have wanted to give it back either.  :laughing3: :laughing3: :icon_thumright:
Great build!  :headbang: That neck looks kick ass. That's cool you went with the 3 saddle bridge...only way to go on a tele if you ask me.