The Nazgûl


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It resembles a Soloist, but isn't a Soloist, which is why I post this in the Misc. section.

  • African mahogany body based on modified Strat template
    • Body was cut and routed from the mahogany blank
    • I made a sled/jig out of MDF to help cut the forearm and belly contours. Ran that through the band saw then sanded smooth. Took about 15 minutes for both cuts rather than probably hours using a rasp (and I don’t have an angle grinder).
  • Rear cavity rout, with custom-cut bloodwood cover
  • A500K pots, with push-pull volume for coil-splitting
  • Seymour-Duncan "Nazgûl" pickup (the source of the name & design inspiration), direct-mount to body
  • Hipshot flat-mount non-trem bridge, with string-through (still needs intonation, as you can probably see by the current position of the saddles)
  • Warmoth neck (Arcade reverse, maple w/ ebony fretboard, nickel frets, Bloody Basin jasper dot inlays)
    • Need to get a proper and appropriate truss cover
  • Engraved neckplate, courtesy of DangerousR6
  • Hand-painted Eye of Sauron, in acrylics then finished with shellac & clear lacquer
  • Gotoh SG381 tuners
  • Ernie Ball Not Even Slinky 12-56 gauge strings, tuned to B-standard
  • Incantation of the One Ring was a decal I bought from a seller on Etsy. Was way cheaper & easier than to cut it myself since I didn’t already have a roll of red vinyl.


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Damn Ned!

I'd enjoyed seeing the bits along the way, the finished axe is really something!

I'm gonna lookup the nazgul pickups :)
Oh Neddy! Very cool work. What size frets? And will it chug?!!
Spud said:
Oh Neddy! Very cool work. What size frets? And will it chug?!!

Nickel 6150s.  I've been trying different frets with different orders to see if I can really tell any significant differences given my style of playing, and so far, I haven't noticed any major differences.

And yes, it does chug:

Awesome. If only Christopher Lee was still around to release another metal album you'd have the perfect guitar to accompany him.
It is very nice, any 12 year old would love it!  :icon_thumright: