The Green Mahogany Strat

teleme01 said:
how do you like the red devil and pearly gate ?

I thought I had mentioned that before, but it turns out that was on TGP. So here is an edited combination of what I wrote in response to a couple of questions there.

The Red Devil goes well with the Pearly Gates in the bridge. I like the HSH nature of the guitar in an HSS format and the Red Devil in the neck works well with the bridge Pearly Gates, which was the plan. If you are familiar with the PG you will probably like the RD.

The other option would have been a Seymour Duncan Custom Shop single coil size Pearly Gates, but if you live outside the US, it is not possible to order direct from SD. So I settled on the Red Devil.
Thanks, feel free to share more of your builds.

In the Welcome to the Forum thread, link in my signature you can find links to various things including builds, link below including five of mine.