The Bulwer-Lytton 2009 winners are in!


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Whew! I wasn't sure I could wait much longer....

Before she was Tabloid Sally, the impossibly foxy movie star who destroyed marriages like a busty ball-peen hammer, before she was Nobel Sally, the mercurial chemist who cured chronic halitosis, and before she was Pulitzer Sally, the honey-dipped scribe who brought Washington to its knees, she was just little Sally Barns from Crow's Neck, Neb., Bill and Margie's daughter, a doe-eyed pixie who loved fairy tales and onion rings.

Roger Collier
Ottawa, Ontario
That's such a fabulously insane contest. :)      I think I might need to try and write one for next year, that or start the worst song contest. :)
Sargent peel leaned over the victim, who had a high e-string embedded directly in the center of his high forehead.
"What do you think Clancey?" he remarked.
"Well Dave, I think we can't rule out foul play as those planet wave tuners usually hold pretty well."
"Yep - looks like someone sabotaged the unit to let go just above the correct pitch"
"Too bad the victim was tone deaf"