tell me more about Dimarzio Area '58


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Hi. In my previous topic here I aksed about whether is better to use true single-coil with noisegate pedal or use noiseless pups. In the replies there was mentioned Dimarzio Area '58 and that it sounds great. So I would like to found out if you use it and what do you think about it. Does it work for any special kind of music or is it universal? What is the character of this pup? And how does it work in the classic maple-alder/ash Strat or is it better with some different/exotic neck? Thank you - includes the video...
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I have an Area 58 in the middle position on my Chambered mahogany strat style body with mahogany neck and it sounds just like it should - clean and bright, very expressive, and coupled with the humbucker in the neck or bridge it sounds great.  Even in the mahogany it still sounds very strat like.  I have an alder strat that is in the works that will have the 58's in mid and neck and a 61 in the bridge.  and no hum.