Tele Pickup Routing Question


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Hi everyone!  I went through the search but couldn't find anything related to this, but it's possible I'm an idiot...

I'm considering getting a showcase Telecaster body, but I have a couple of questions for people that have maybe ran into this before...

Is it possible to get a showcase body that's already painted routed for a different type of pickup?  The body I'm looking at is routed for TxT, but I was thinking it'd be cool to get it routed for HxH in case in the future I'd like to take the sound from a stockish Tele to a different sound with humbuckers.

Also, which kind of ties into the first question...if I have the body routed for HxH, would I run into problems mounting stock Tele hardware?  Right now I want to have it be a stockish Tele with an original pickguard and bridge, but was thinking in the future I might want to change to humbuckers but dont want the holes to be visible through the bridge/pickguard edges...

Sorry if these questions have been addressed alot, this would be my first build and I'm kind of clueless at this moment...but do my best work when I have to learn in order to succeed hehe thanks everyone!
I just grabbed a bargain Thinline from the sreamin' deals section that was routed TxT for standard tele bridge. Warmoth very obligingly routed it out HHH for me (I'm a sick puppy) for Tele HB bridge. 
I don't know if the mount screws for the standard Tele and HB Tele bridge are the same...
The mounting holes appear to be the same, but the hb bridge itself is a little wider than the standard bridge.  So I think everything should be ok.  Will post pictures if I go through with it!
I'm gonna stick this in this thread since I don't want to flood the place with noob questions...this is the body I've been looking at.

Is it just me or is the control/electronics hole cut a little crooked?  I noticed it on a few more Telecaster bodies in the showcase as well.  I've been looking at Fender bodies and these holes seem pretty straight, but on the warmoth ones they do seem a little out of whack...or is it just the beer I'm drinking?
It's probably the lighting of the photograph. You can see light reflecting off of the bottom left and top right sides of the metal plate and that makes it look a little angled. If you got a tape measure and put it up to the screen I think it would show that it is not angled. It would really surprise me for Warmoth to mess up on something like that.
It could also be that they just have the hardware there roughly placed (kind of more sloppily than other pictures) just for the photo.
looks alright to me...

Since the humbucking route is wider, should you ever go back to the traditional bridge and bridge pickup, the traditional bridge will not cover up the humbucker routing.
Put a humbucker in the neck and some sort of silent single-coil (Joe Barden?) in the bridge.
Thanks guys.  I think I've been convinced!  Hehe will post pictures if I go ahead with it!
In the neck there's no problem if you have a pickguard.

In the bridge, be warned that the Tele bridge pickup route is already bigger than a humbucker route. You cannot cover it up with a humbucker ring, even if you slant it.

Likewise, a humbucker route in the correct position will not be covered when you go back to a vintage Tele bridge.

Alternatives are:
- Tele bridge with humbucker mount (in bridge)
- Tele Custom pickguard, the variant for HH. Of course that covers much of the guitar
Belated reply, but just in case:

The bridge route of a Telecaster pickup is actually large and angled enough that it is outside the area that you need for a humbucker.

That means you cannot use a hardtail bridge and a humbucker ring without a visible hole between the pickup ring and the bridge under the high strings.

Of course that won't be visible of you use Tele-style bridge for a humbucker as it covers this area.