Take covers off Fender DH1 Pickup to get a split s/c look?



The Fender FH1& 2 pickups look a lot like the 70s Fender Humbuckers. And those looked like the old Fender Electric XII pickups, with a  chrome cover put on them.

If someone was thinking of doing a Fender Electric XII project, would removing the covers of the Fender FH1 & 2 pickups give you the look of the old Fender Electric XII pickups? Has anyone here seen "under the hood" of a FH to confirm if this is possible.

To get those original split single coil pickups would seem hard - even the G & L z pickups (lookalikes) are hard to come by.

Fender FH 1 & 2 Pickups

Fender Electric XII Guitar

The ORIGINAL Fender BIG humbuckers were that way - split singles run RWRP.  No telling what the current ones look like.

Lindy Fralin is doing a split single sort of.. based on Gibson size bobbins.  The original Fender used - Strat size bobbins, hence the larger size.  Those were Strat sized, but only three poles wide (with a little overlap).  I have seen them done, though, in two ways.... one was a true short bobbin, the other was a full length bobbin but only three magnets installed and a wood/fiber spacer at the far end.  I don't know if thats the way they do it in the modern pickup... or if that was some change Fender made that was pre- or post- production of the originals.

At one time I had a Tele Deluxe, and hated the sound, as I was after the HB tone, and, it was a rather bright guitar.  I kept and played it a few years, but eventually sold it.  It had no collector value, having been repainted by brush several times before I got it, stripped by me and finished in Kiwi Brown Boot Polish. (oh the pain).
Thanx for the reply CB, pretty much as I suspected.

It would be wiser for the OEM manufacturer of these Fender FH1 & 2 pickups, to use standard bobbins and just put the magnets in the 3 + 3 configuration, rather than going to the bother of trying to get short bobbins made up.

This subject was just a topic that sprung up in conversation..... :cool01: