suggestions open for new project


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ok after a couple monthes being addicted to this board i am going to take the leap and start my own project. i want a guitar that has the david gilmour sound but at the same time i want the blink-182 sound...............................any suggestions for body shape,wood , neck , and pu's

Alder Strat Body top routed, vintage 6 hole trem, humbucker /single/single pickup route, Maple neck Maple fingerboard Vintage modern style, stainless frets.........for starters......... :icon_thumright:
Sounds like a good basic strat, and there is nothing wrong with that.  If you want something a little more exotic you might try a Pau Fero fretboard on a maple neck.
I don't think I've ever heard of David Gilmour and Blink-182 used in the same sentence.  :icon_biggrin:

Didn't Tom Delong used an Invader at the bridge?  That's a pretty hot pickup but it works for his pop/punk sound, a pickup like that might be a little over kill for a Pink Floyd sound though.  You might have to find a pickup that's not quite as hot so you can better meet both sounds.
It's my understanding tom delonge often used a semihollow gibson? I know gibson's selling his signiature model like that.

I think you should consider a hollow chambered strat, maybe with HSH routing?
Most of the Blink stuff was a Fender strat with and Duncan Invader. (he had a Fender signature model too)  I wouldn't put too much faith in what guys "endorse" though.

if you want a great "all purpose" Humbucker a Duncan JB is pretty hard to beat. (easy on the pocketbook$$ too)

Most all recent pix of Tom show him playing the Gibson Custom Shop model ES-335, probably has to appear with it in public as part of the Gibson licensing agreement for the Custom Shop model...

You'd probably be better off building TWO Warmoth's, an L5S with 2 F-holes and a single dupe Dirty Fingers pickup is probably as close as you're going to be able to recreate any semblance of the ES-335 sound, and then an alder Strat with your pick of the various Strat pickup setups Gilmour has used.

If the pocketbook only allows one guitar, you might try going with a hollow chambered Alder strat body and a S-S-H pickup arrangement, the Duncan JB is a good pick and you can coil tap it to switch to single coil mode.
thanks for the sugestions.............i am going to probably eventualualy buy a strat for the gilmour stuff and maybe a firebird or ls5 for the delong sound?

does anybody have expreience with the firebird or the ls5?  if so do you have pics and are they comfertable?

Yes,  Dave Gilmour has been using EMG's for some time now...

Here's my Strat with the Dave Gilmour EMG DG-20 pickup system:


Gilmour used EMG's in the past but for the most part of his recordings and live performances has used passive pickups. He used EMG's in the mid 80's and early 90's because passive pickups were getting noisy with all the lights and electric stuff they had on stage. He has used Fender, DiMarzio and lately he has a strat with Kinman pickups.

I recommend Kinman or Van Zant for a classic strat sound. Whatever you use, you are not going to sound like him, every guitarist's sound is in his/her hands!