Suggestions for wood selection on a 7 string baritone


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I'm new here and I am thinking that I want to assemble a 7 string baritone guitar. I was hoping to benefit from others experience and I would like to get an idea of what kind of woods I should consider for the body, laminate top, and the neck. I would like to pick some woods that would look classy with a clear gloss finish, as well as having a reasonably balanced weight (i.e. I don't want to end up with a neck heavy guitar.) I have looked through the wood descriptions, but I lack the practical knowledge of the properties of the different woods.

Any and all help is appreciated.

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I have a baritone bubinga neck, and am loving every second of it.

I know you said you want a glossy finish, and bubinga cant be finished, but I would consider it anyway.
i'll second that... gloss looks nice but I'd rather get a naked exotic neck like bubinga. your left hand will thank you...
JohninSC said:
I have a baritone bubinga neck, and am loving every second of it.

I have been thinking about the same thing (baritone bubinga neck) but am worried about it being neck heavy. Wouldn't bubinga neck be a lot heavier than something like a maple neck?

As for the body. I love the look of Warwick basses in Bubinga, but I think that would be WAY heavy for a guitar. I'd be interested in hearing more about your baritone.
See I don't know... I just got my bubinga tele neck with ebony board.. and both marko and I were suprised by how light it seemed to be.. just my 2 cents.
bubinga is great for a baritone.  it will give you pleny of clarity and keep things sounding tight

it can be finished by the way.  rickenbacker have been using it for fretboards for years and the silly buggers always seem to put a lacquer on it.  it will feeel much better oiled!

weight can be an issue with bubinga
the body designs that warmoth offers for seven string guitars have a nice long upper horn which means that it should remain balanced with most necks. I wouldn't worry about the guitar being neck-heavy. If your back is bad I might be worried about the over all weight of the instrument, though.
Maple is a heavy wood, people always forget that. The all-maple bodies I've seen have been up to 7lbs, right up in the rosewood category but not to the 'black hole' wenge level. Go for any exotic for the neck; bubinga, wenge, rosewood, etc. - neck heaviness is very much a factor of strap button placement, and the baritone only adds a few inches to the neck anyhow. Oh, and this is a definite "needs pics" build - don't get a lot of 7 string baritones on here.